Monday, February 21, 2011


I had someone ask me to put some of my photos up, which was a good idea since I stated how much I enjoy photography in my profile. So here goes, I have uploaded one photo taken a few different ways with my camera, some with flash, some without, some in automatic setting, and some where I have adjusted myself. Let me know which one you like the best, and later I will comment on my favorite photo!


  1. There is nothing like old barns to photograph. Very nice.

  2. Hello Katarina...I enjoy photography, too. I like your barn pictures. Keep experimenting - that's the best way to learn your camera.

    Anyway, wasn't OWOH 2011 awesome? The journey fascinated me so much I've decided to go back over the list of bloggers again. I'm discovering I missed a lot in my rush to get through the first time.

    If you have a moment I hope you'll visit my blog. I signed up to follow you and perhaps you'll decide to follow me, too.
    Warm hugs,
    Linda L