Thursday, January 13, 2011


Ok, so I am going to start this post with the regrets part! It didn't take me long to neglect my blogs already!! My excuse- I just moved an entire house and am still in boxes and just have been so busy working two jobs and such! But I hate excuses, so I am going to try to keep up with this blog much better this year!
I again find myself with time- My husband is in training again, and again I find myself without a job, so I am going to try to be creative, and accomplish some things for myself!

Now, on to the fun stuff!! My first creative endeavor was to create some examples of cards, for a class I am going to teach on base in March! So the example you see here is my first example, and right now the only one I have. I had two other cards that I liked better for the class, but I have taken them to be on display at the Arts Center on Base for my class, so for now it will have to do. The second card for the birthday cupcake stamp in my opinion was better than this one. It was all brown, tan and blue. The icing was a beautiful carmel color and the candle and the cupcake paper was blue. The second card is a safari card using flocking on a zebra, giraffe, or chetah print stamp on the left side. The card also has a monogram paper letter in lower right hand corner. I love the fur texture with the stamp, it goes together really well. The final card (that I have yet to make) uses embossing powder and tombo markers on a stamp.

The green birthday card was created by stamping the cupcake stamp with black ink on white watercolor paper. Next Tombo markers are used with a water brush to create the color on the stamp. The stamp that I used was created by Clear Dollar Stamps, an online company (they may have a store as well) based out of Kansas. I started picking up their stamps at a scrapbooking convention and I can't stop buying them!! I love it!! They also have a blog that shows how to use the stamps and markers. Here is their blog: check it out!!