Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cards and Catch up Time

I have finally taken some pictures of some of the things I have been doing lately. First, I have been taking a card class weekly, and have taken four classes so far. The first class I took was flower themed class.

The lavendar card in the front has a secret message!! If you pull the ribbon at the right, the flowers stack up and it reveals a quote. While creating the card on the back right side I used the cuttlebug machine- for the first time! I am now in love with that machine!! It can do so much!! The embossed pattern was applied to the paper and then a sander was used to remove some of the paper color to reveal the white core of the paper. The woven card in the front left was a new concept to me as well. The weave was very easy. A template was given to use, and we cut on the lines. The card was folded in hald first, and small line cuts were made, a long one and thena shorter one. These cuts went up and down the length of the card. When finished cutting, the card had triangle shaped slits when opened and every one one was folded down. One note would be to make sure your cardstock used for the main part of the card is reversable, or at least colored on both sides!

The following week the class made friendship cards.

My favorite of this set is the one with the chick!! I really like the clean graphic type layout. The salmon and red card used embossing with clear embossing powder and ink to create a written quote that was just a little darker than the paper! I loved this idea. I have embossed many times before, but never with clear ink and powder. I had no idea it would show up as it did! I also learned of a new product by stampin up- a clear embossing liquid. This product is great because it doesn't dry out like stamp pads do.

I can't wait to start giving these away!

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  1. The lavender card got my attention...and it looks very special! Love the cards you create! ♥